How to make machine in Little Alchemy 2?

On this page you can see How to make machine in Little Alchemy 2? with Guide, Hints, Cheats, Combinations and Walkthrough.

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In addition on this page you can Look How to make machine in Little Alchemy 2? Hints, Cheats and Guide

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How to make machine in Little Alchemy 2?

What can you make with machine in Little Alchemy 2?

Combine with Create
atmosphere rocket
axe chainsaw
bat airplane
bicycle motorcycle
bird airplane
broom vacuum cleaner
cold fridge
cotton thread
crow airplane
duck airplane
eagle airplane
explosion combustion engine
fruit jam
grass lawn mower
hacker computer
hay hay bale
horse trojan horse
human engineer
hummingbird airplane
juice jam
light spotlight
lumberjack chainsaw
motorcycle car
needle sewing machine
owl airplane
petroleum combustion engine
pigeon airplane
scythe lawn mower
seagull airplane
steam steam engine
sun solar cell
sundial clock
thread fabric + sewing machine
time clock
vulture airplane
wheel bicycle
windmill wind turbine
wood paper

Walkthrough for machine in Little Alchemy 2

  1. earth + fire = lava
  2. earth + water = mud
  3. fire + fire = energy
  4. water + water = puddle
  5. air + lava = stone
  6. puddle + water = pond
  7. pond + water = lake
  8. mud + stone = clay
  9. lake + water = sea
  10. earth + sea = primordial soup
  11. energy + primordial soup = life
  12. clay + life = human
  13. human + stone = tool
  14. tool + tool = machine

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