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One Page Little Alchemy Cheats guide has you sorted with a massive list of more than 500 Little Alchemy ingredient/element combinations.

One Page Complete Element and Combination List for Little Alchemy
Little Alchemy has been updated since its release, and the total available as of April of 2018 is 580. Subsequent updates may yet change what updates are available and what combinations work, among other things, but the below list details all 580 elements.

Resulting Element Combination(s)
Acid Rainrain, smoke / rain, smog
AirAvailable from start.
Airplanebird, steel / bird, metal
Alarm Clockclock, sound
Alcoholfruit, time / juice, time
Algaewater, plant / sea, plant / ocean, plant
Alienlife, space
Allergyhuman, dust
Alligatorlizard, swamp / lizard, river
Alpacamountain, sheep
Ambulancecar, hospital / car, doctor
Angelhuman, bird
Anglerhuman, fishing rod
Antgrass, wild animal / wild animal, sugar
Antarcticasnow, desert / ice, desert
Aquariumwater, glass / glass, fish
Archipelagoisle, isle
Armadillowild animal, armor
Armortool, metal / tool, steel
Ashvolcano, energy
Astronauthuman, moon / rocket, human / human, space station / human, space
Astronaut Ice Creamice cream, astronaut
Atmosphereair, pressure / sky, pressure
Atomic Bombenergy, explosion
Aurorasun, Antarctica / sky, Antarctica / Antarctica, atmosphere
Avalancheenergy, snow
Axeblade, wood
Baconpig, fire
Bacteriaswamp, life
Bakerhuman, flour / human, bread / human, dough
Bakeryhouse, baker / house, bread
Bananafruit, monkey
banana breadbread, banana
Bandageblood, fabric
Bankhouse, money / house, gold / house, safe
Barncow, house / livestock, house / house, hay
Batmouse, bird / mouse, sky
Batmanbat, human
Batterflour, milk
Bayonetgun, blade / gun, sword
BBQcampfire, meat / campfire, garden
Beachsea, sand / ocean, sand
Beaverwild animal, wood / wild animal, dam
Beeflower, wild animal
Beehivebee, house / bee, tree
Beeralcohol, wheat
Bicyclewheel, wheel
Birdair, life / life, sky / egg, air / egg, sky
Birdhousebird, house
Black Holestar, pressure
Blademetal, stone
Blenderglass, blade / blade, electricity
Blizzardsnow, snow / snow, storm / snow, wind
Bloodhuman, blade
Blueprintengineer, paper
Boatwater, wood
Boilersteam, metal
Bonecorpse, time
Bonsai Treetree, pottery / tree, scissors
Bookpaper, wood / paper, story
Breaddough, fire
Brickclay, fire / mud, fire / mud, sun / clay, sun
Bridgeriver, wood / river, metal / river, steel
Broomwood, hay
Bulletgunpowder, metal
Bulletproof Vestbullet, armor
Buscar, car
Butcherhuman, meat
Butterenergy, milk / milk, pressure
Butterflyflower, wild animal
Cactusdesert, plant / sand, plant
Cakedough, candle
Cameldesert, wild animal / desert, horse / livestock, desert
Campfirefire, wood
Candlewax, thread / wax, fire
Candy Canesugar, Christmas tree
Cannongunpowder, pirate ship / gunpowder, castle
Capehero, fabric
Carwheel, metal
Caramelsugar, fire
Carbon Dioxidehuman, oxygen / plant, night / tree, night
Carrotsnowman, vegetable / sun, snowman
Cartwheel, wood
Cashmeretool, mountain goat / thread, mountain goat / fabric, mountain goat / scissors, mountain goat / wool, mountain goat
Castlehouse, knight
Catwild animal, milk
Catnipcat, plant
Cauldronmetal, witch / steel, witch / fireplace, witch / campfire, witch
Caviarhard roe, human
Centaurhorse, human
Cerealwheat, milk
Chainmetal, rope / steel, rope
Chainsawaxe, electricity
Chameleonlizard, rainbow
Charcoalfire, wood
Cheesetime, milk
Cheeseburgercheese, hamburger
Chickenegg, livestock / livestock, bird / bird, farmer
Chicken Soupwater, chicken
Chicken wingchicken, bone
Chimneyhouse, fireplace / smoke, brick / fireplace, brick
Christmas Stockingwool, fireplace
Christmas Treelight bulb, tree / tree, star
Cigarettetobacco, paper
Cityvillage, village / skyscraper, skyscraper
Claysand, mud
Clocktime, tool / time, wheel / time, electricity
Cloudair, steam
Coalpressure, plant / sun, snowman
Coconutpalm, fruit
Coconut Milkcoconut, tool / milk, coconut
Coffinwood, corpse
Coldhuman, rain
Computerelectricity, nerd / wire, nerd / tool, nerd
Computer Mousemouse, computer
Confettipaper, blade / paper, scissors
Cookbookbook, recipe / recipe, recipe
Constellationstar, star
Cookiedough, sugar
Corpsehuman, gun / human, grim reaper
Cottonplant, cloud
Cowgrass, livestock
Crayonrainbow, pencil / rainbow, wax
Crowbird, scarecrow / bird, field
Crowngold, monarch / metal, monarch
Crystal Ballwitch, glass / wizard, glass
Cuckooclock, bird
Cyborghuman, robot
Cyclistbicycle, human
Dambeaver, river / beaver, tree / beaver, wood / wall, river
Darth Vaderjedi, fire / jedi, lava
Daysun, time / night, sun / time, night / sky, sun
Desertsand, sand / sand, cactus
Dewwater, grass / fog, grass
Diamondpressure, coal
Dinosaurlizard, time
Doctorhuman, hospital
Dogwild animal, human
Dogedog, computer
Doghousedog, house
Don Quixotewindmill, knight
Donutdough, oil
Double Rainbow!rainbow, rainbow
Doughflour, water
Dragonlizard, fire
Droneairplane, robot
Drumwood, leather
Drunkhuman, alcohol / beer, human / human, wine
Dry Icecarbon dioxide, cold / ice, carbon dioxide
Duckbird, lake / water, bird / bird, pond / time, duckling
Ducklingegg, duck
Dunesand, wind / desert, wind / beach, wind
Dustearth, air / sun, vampire / day, vampire
Dynamitegunpowder, wire
Eaglemountain, bird
EarthAvailable from start.
Earthquakeearth, energy / earth, wave
Eclipsesun, moon
Egglife, stone / bird, bird / turtle, turtle / lizard, lizard
Egg Timeregg, clock / egg, watch
Electric Carcar, electricity
Electric Eelfish, electricity
Electricianhuman, electricity / human, wire
Electricitymetal, energy / solar cell, sun / wind turbine, wind / light, solar cell
Emailletter, computer / letter, internet
Energyair, fire / plant, sun
Engineerhuman, tool
Eruptionvolcano, energy
Excalibursword, stone
Explosiongunpowder, fire
Fabricthread, tool
Fairy Talestory, monarch / story, castle / knight, story / dragon, story
Familyhuman, house
Family treetree, family
Farmfarmer, house / farmer, barn
Farmerhuman, plant / field, human / human, pitchfork
Faungoat, human
Fencewall, wood
Fieldearth, farmer / earth, tool
FireAvailable from start.
Fire Extinguisherfire, carbon dioxide / pressure, carbon dioxide / metal, carbon dioxide
Firemanhuman, fire / human, firetruck
Fireplacehouse, campfire / campfire, brick / campfire, wall
Firetruckfireman, car
Fireworksexplosion, sky
Fishhard roe, time
Fish and Chipsfish, French fries
Fishing Rodtool, fish / wood, fish
Flamethrowerfire, gun
Flashlighttool, light
Floodrain, rain / rain, time
Flourwheat, stone / windmill, wheat
Flowerplant, garden
Flutewood, wind
Flying Fishfish, bird / sky, fish
Flying Squirrelsquirrel, bird / squirrel, wind / squirrel, airplane / sky, squirrel
Fogearth, cloud
Foresttree, tree
Fortune Cookiepaper, cookie
Fossildinosaur, time / dinosaur, earth / stone, dinosaur
Fountainstatue, water
Foxchicken, wild animal
Frankensteinzombie, electricity / electricity, corpse
French friesoil, vegetable
Fridgemetal, cold / electricity, cold / metal, ice
Frogwild animal, pond
Fruittree, farmer / sun, tree
Fruit Treefruit, tree
Galaxystar, star
Gardenplant, plant / flower, flower / plant, grass / house, grass
Gardenerhuman, garden
Geysersteam, earth
Ghostgraveyard, night / castle, night
GiftSanta, Christmas tree / Santa, Christmas stocking / Santa, cookie / Santa, chimney / Santa, fireplace
Gingerbread househouse, dough / house, gingerbread man
Gingerbread manlife, dough
Glacierice, mountain
Glassfire, sand / sand, electricity
Glassesglass, metal / glass, glass
Gnomegarden, statue
Goatlivestock, mountain
Godzilladinosaur, city
Goldmetal, sun / metal, rainbow
Golemclay, life
Granitelava, pressure
Grassplant, earth
Gravecoffin, earth / corpse, earth
Gravestonegrave, stone
Graveyardgrave, grave / gravestone, gravestone
Greenhouseplant, glass / window, window
Grenadeexplosion, metal
Grilled cheesecheese, toast
Grim Reaperhuman, scythe / corpse, scythe
Gunmetal, bullet
Gunpowderfire, dust
Hailrain, ice / ice, storm / ice, cloud
Hammeat, smoke
Hamburgermeat, bread
Hammermetal, wood
Hamsterwheel, mouse
Hard Roeegg, water / egg, sea / egg, ocean / egg, pond / fish, fish
Harpangel, music
Hayfarmer, grass / grass, scythe / grass, sun
Hay balehay, hay
Hedgeplant, fence / leaf, fence
Helicopterblade, airplane / windmill, airplane
Herbplant, sickness / sickness, leaf
Heroknight, dragon
Hippohorse, river / horse, water
Honeybee, flower / bee, beehive
Horizonsky, earth / sea, sky / ocean, sky
Horsehay, livestock
Horseshoemetal, horse
Hospitalhouse, sickness / house, ambulance / house, doctor
Hourglasssand, glass
Housewall, wall
Humanearth, life
Hummingbirdbird, flower
Hurricanewind, energy
Huskysnow, dog / ice, dog
Icewater, cold
Icebergsea, ice / ocean, ice / sea, Antarctica / ocean, Antarctica
Ice Creammilk, ice
Ice cream truckcar, ice cream
Iced teaice, tea / cold, tea
Ideahuman, light bulb / light bulb, nerd
Igloohouse, ice / house, snow
Internetcomputer, computer / computer, wire / computer, web
Isleocean, volcano / volcano, sea
Ivyplant, wall
Jack-O’-Lanternpumpkin, fire / blade, pumpkin / pumpkin, candle
Jamjuice, sugar
Jedilightsaber, human / knight, lightsaber
Jerkymeat, sun / meat, salt
Juicewater, fruit / pressure, fruit
Keyboard Catcat, music
Kitewind, paper / sky, paper
Knighthuman, armor
Lakewater, pond / river, dam
Lampmetal, light bulb
Lassocow, rope / horse, rope
Lavaearth, fire
Lava Lamplava, lamp
Lawn Mowergrass, tool / electricity, scythe
Leaftree, wind
Leathercow, blade / pig, blade
Lemonadefruit, water
Letterpaper, pencil
Libraryhouse, book
Lifeswamp, energy / love, time
Lightlight bulb, electricity / electricity, flashlight
Light Bulbelectricity, glass
Lighthouselight, house / light, beach / light, ocean / light, sea
Lightsaberlight, sword / energy, sword / electricity, sword
Lionwild animal, cat
Livestockfarmer, life / wild animal, human / farmer, wild animal
Lizardegg, swamp
Log cabinwood, house
Lovehuman, human
Lumberjackaxe, human / human, chainsaw
Mac and Cheesecheese, pasta
Mailmanhuman, letter
Manateecow, sea
Mappaper, earth
Marsrust, planet
Marshmallowssugar, campfire
Mayonnaiseegg, oil
Meatcow, tool / livestock, butcher / cow, butcher / pig, butcher / pig, tool / blade, livestock
Medusahuman, snake
Mermaidhuman, fish
Metalfire, stone
Meteormeteoroid, atmosphere / sky, meteoroid
Meteoroidstone, space
Microscopeglass, bacteria / bacteria, glasses
Milkfarmer, cow / cow, human
Milk Shakemilk, ice cream
Minotaurhuman, cow
Mirrorglass, metal
Moldtime, bread
Monarchhuman, castle / Excalibur, human / crown, human
Moneypaper, gold
Monkeytree, wild animal
Moonsky, cheese / sky, stone
Mossplant, stone / algae, stone
Mothmoon, butterfly / night, butterfly
Motorcyclebicycle, energy / bicycle, steel
Mountainearthquake, earth
Mountain Goatmountain, goat / goat, mountain range
Mountain Rangemountain, mountain
Mousecheese, wild animal
Mousetrapwood, cheese / metal, cheese
Mudwater, earth
Mummycorpse, pyramid
Musichuman, flute / human, sound
Narwhalunicorn, ocean / unicorn, water / sea, unicorn
Needlemetal, thread / metal, hay
Nerdhuman, glasses
Nessiestory, lake
Nestbird, tree / bird, hay / egg, hay
Newspaperpaper, paper
Nightmoon, time / time, day / sky, moon
Ninjashuriken, human
Ninja Turtleturtle, ninja
Nuttree, squirrel / fruit, squirrel
Oasisdesert, water
Obsidianlava, water
Oceansea, sea / water, sea
Oilsunflower, pressure
Oil Lampclay, oil / potter, oil / oil, rope / glass, oil / fire, oil
Omeletteegg, fire
Optical Fiberwire, light
Orchardfruit tree, fruit tree / field, fruit tree
Origamibird, paper
Ostrichbird, earth / bird, sand
Owlnight, bird / bird, wizard
Oxygenplant, sun / plant, carbon dioxide
Ozoneoxygen, oxygen / oxygen, electricity
Paintwater, rainbow / water, pencil
Palmisle, tree / tree, beach
Paperwood, pressure
Paper Airplaneairplane, paper
Parachutepilot, fabric / pilot, umbrella
Parrotbird, pirate
Pastaflour, egg
Peacockbird, rainbow
Pegasusbird, horse / sky, horse / bird, unicorn
Pencilwood, coal / wood, charcoal
Pencil Sharpenerblade, pencil
Penguinice, wild animal / ice, bird / bird, snow
Penicillindoctor, mold
Perfumewater, rose / water, flower / steam, rose / steam, flower / alcohol, rose / alcohol, flower
Petroleumfossil, time / fossil, pressure
Phoenixfire, bird
Picnicgrass, sandwich / beach, sandwich
Piedough, fruit
Piglivestock, mud
Pigeonbird, city / bird, letter / bird, statue
Piggy Bankpig, money / pottery, pig
Pillowcotton, fabric
Pilotairplane, human / seaplane, human
Pinocchiowood, life
Pipetobacco, wood
Piranhafish, blood
Piratesword, sailor / sailor, pirate ship
Pirate Shipsailboat, pirate / boat, pirate
Pitchforktool, hay
Pizzacheese, dough
Planetearth, space
Planktonwater, life / sea, life
Plantrain, earth
Platypusbeaver, duck
Pondwater, garden
Popsiclejuice, ice
Potteryfire, clay / clay, wheel / clay, tool
Pressureearth, earth / air, air
Printerpaper, computer
Prismglass, rainbow
Pterodactylair, dinosaur / bird, dinosaur
Puddlesnowman, flamethrower / sun, ice / sun, snowman
Pumpkinvegetable, fire / vegetable, light
Pyramiddesert, stone / desert, grave
Quicksandsand, swamp
Rabbitwild animal, carrot
Rainwater, air
Rainbowrain, sun / rain, light
Ratwild animal, pirate ship / sailboat, wild animal
Recipeflour, paper / paper, baker
ReindeerSanta, wild animal / livestock, Santa
Ringdiamond, metal / diamond, gold
Rivermountain, water / rain, mountain
Robotmetal, life / steel, life / life, armor
Rocketairplane, space
Roller Coastertrain, mountain / mountain, cart
Roombarobot, vacuum cleaner
Ropethread, thread
Roseplant, love / flower, love
Ruinstime, castle / time, house
Rulerwood, pencil
Rustair, metal / metal, oxygen / steel, oxygen / air, steel
RVcar, house
Saddlehorse, leather
Safemetal, money / metal, gold / steel, money / steel, gold
Safety Glassesexplosion, glasses / tool, glasses / engineer, glasses
Sailboatboat, wind / boat, fabric
Sailorhuman, boat / human, sailboat
Saltsea, sun / ocean, sun / fire, sea / fire, ocean
Sandair, stone
Sand Castlesand, castle
Sandpapersand, paper
Sandstonestone, sand
Sandstormsand, energy / sand, storm / sand, hurricane
Sandwichbread, ham / cheese, bread / bread, bacon
Santahuman, Christmas tree
Saturnring, planet
Scalpelblade, doctor / blade, hospital
Scarecrowhuman, hay
Scissorsblade, blade
Scorpionwild animal, sand / wild animal, dune
Scytheblade, grass / blade, wheat
Seawater, water
Seagullbird, sea / bird, ocean / bird, beach
Seahorsehorse, sea / ocean, horse / fish, horse
Sealdog, sea
Seaplaneairplane, water / airplane, ocean / airplane, sea
Seasicknesssickness, sea / sickness, ocean / boat, sickness / steamboat, sickness / sailboat, sickness
Seaweedplant, sea / plant, ocean
Sewing Machineelectricity, needle / robot, needle
Sharkocean, wild animal / sea, wild animal / sea, blood / blood, ocean
Sheepcloud, livestock
Sheet Musicpaper, music
Shurikenstar, blade
Sicknesshuman, bacteria / human, sickness / human, rain
Skateboardsnowboard, wheel
Skeletoncorpse, time / bone, bone
Ski Gogglesglasses, snow
Skyair, cloud
Skyscraperhouse, sky
Sledgesnow, cart / snow, wagon
Slothwild animal / time
Smogsmoke, fog / fog, city
Smokefire, wood
Smoke Signalcampfire, fabric / smoke, fabric
Smoothiefruit, blender
Snakewild animal, wire
Snowsteam, cold
Snowballsnow, human
Snowboardwood, snow / snow, surfer
Snow globeglass, snow / snow, crystal ball
Snowmansnow, human / snowball, snowball / snow, carrot / snowball, carrot
Snowmobilesnow, motorcycle / snow, car
Soapoil, ash
Soap Bubbleair, soap / water, soap
Sodawater, carbon dioxide / juice, carbon dioxide
Solar Cellsun, tool
Solar Systemsun, planet
Soundair, wave
Spacesky, star / sun, star / moon, star
Spaceshipairplane, astronaut
Space Stationspace, house
Spaghettithread, pasta
Sphinxhuman, lion
Spiderwild animal, thread
Sprinklessugar, confetti
Squirrelmouse, tree
Starsky, night / night, telescope
Starfishfish, star / sea, star / ocean, star
Statuestone, tool / human, medusa
Steakfire, cow / meat, BBQ
Steamwater, fire / water, energy
Steamboatsteam engine, water / steam engine, boat
Steam Engineboiler, tool / boiler, wheel
Steelmetal, coal
Steel Woolsteel, wool / wire, wool
Stethoscopetool, doctor
Stoneair, lava
Stormenergy, cloud / cloud, electricity
Storyhuman, campfire
Sugarfruit, energy / juice, fire / juice, energy
Sunfire, sky
Sundialclock, sun
Sunflowerplant, sun / flower, sun
Sunglassessun, glasses / beach, glasses
Super novaexplosion, star
Surferhuman, wave
Sushifish, seaweed / caviar, seaweed
Swampmud, plant / mud, grass
Sweaterwool, tool / human, wool
Swim Gogglesglasses, water
Swimmerhuman, swim goggles
Swordblade, metal / blade, steel
Swordfishfish, sword
Tankcar, armor / car, gun
Tasergun, electricity
Teawater, leaf
Telescopeglass, sky / glass, star / glass, space
Tentwood, fabric / house, fabric
The One Ringvolcano, ring
Threadcotton, tool / wheel, wool
Tidesea, moon / ocean, moon
Timesand, glass
Titanicsteamboat, iceberg
Toastsandwich, fire / bread, fire
Tobaccoplant, fire
Toolmetal, human
Toucanbird, rainbow
Tractorfarmer, car / field, car
Trainsteam engine, steel / steam engine, metal / steam engine, wheel / steam engine, wagon
Treasurepirate, treasure map
Treasure mappirate, map
Treeplant, time
Treehousetree, house
Trojan Horsehorse, wood
Tsunamiocean, earthquake / sea, earthquake
Tunnelengineer, mountain
Turtleegg, sand
Twilightday, night
Tyrannosaurus Rexmeat, dinosaur
UFOrocket, alien / airplane, alien
Umbrellatool, rain / rain, fabric
Unicornrainbow, horse / rainbow, life / double rainbow!, horse / double rainbow!, life
Vacuum Cleanerelectricity, broom
Vampirehuman, blood / human, vampire
Vaseplant, pottery / pottery, flower
Vegetablefield, fruit
Villagehouse, house
Vinegartime, wine / air, wine / wine, oxygen
Volcanolava, earth / lava, mountain / fire, mountain
Vulturebird, corpse
Wagoncart, horse
Wallbrick, brick
Walletleather, money
Wandwizard, wood
Warriorsword, human
Watchhuman, clock
WaterAvailable from start.
Water Gunwater, gun
Water Lillyflower, pond
Water Pipewater, pipe
Waterfallmountain, river
Waterwheelwater, wheel / wheel, river
Waveocean, wind / sea, wind
Waxbee, beehive
Webspider, thread
Werewolfwolf, human / werewolf, human
Wheatfield, farmer / plant, farmer
Wheeltool, wood
Wild Animalforest, life
Wild Boarpig, wild animal / pig, forest
Windpressure, air / air, energy
Windmillhouse, wind / wheel, wind
Wind Turbinewindmill, electricity
Windowglass, house
Winefruit, alcohol
Wireelectricity, metal
Witchhuman, broom / wizard, broom
Wizardhuman, energy
Wolfdog, forest / wild animal, moon / wild animal, dog
Woodtool, tree
Woodpeckerbird, wood
Woolsheep, tool / scissors, sheep
Wrapping Papergift, paper
X-raylight, bone / light, skeleton
Yakcow, mountain
Yodajedi, swamp
Yogurtmilk, bacteria
Zombiecorpse, life

The following elements no longer appear to be supported, but at one time could be created using the game’s app version that was offered through Pokki.
They do not count toward the current total featured in other versions of the game.

Resulting ElementCombination(s)
Atomic Fireballsatomic bomb, fire
Cadbury Eggschocolate, egg
Caramel Appleorchard, caramel
Caramelochocolate, caramel
Chocolate Milkchocolate, milk
ChocolateWilly Wonka, river
Cookie Doughcookie, dough
Cotton Candysugar, electricity
Frozen Yogurtcold, yogurt
Fun Dipsugar, sand
Goldfishfish, cheese
Guiness Floatbeer, ice cream
Juicy Fruitjuice, fruit
Milky Waymilk, space
Moundschocolate, coconut
Nerdssugar, nerd
Peepssugar, chicken
Pokkicomputer, squirrel
Pop Rocksstone, explosion
Red Vinessugar, wire
Ring Popdiamond, sugar
Skittlesrainbow, sugar
Starburstrocket, fruit
Swedish Fishfish, sugar
Sweetheartslove, sugar
TwixCaramelo, cookie
Willy Wonkaengineer, sugar

Little Alchemy Tip: It’s All About Science

Think about prevailing scientific theories as to how Earth formed, and that will get you started. Most of the planet is comprised of lava that cooled to form rock, and various rocks are often the result of pressure and heat. Water is also a critical factor, since over time it can break down a variety of materials. If you can get some core ingredients created, you can combine them intuitively to produce all sorts of neat combinations in Little Alchemy.

Little Alchemy Tip: Some Useful Aids

Click on an object you have created through the process of combining two items, and hold your mouse button for a moment. You’ll produce a tool tip that lets you know what two items you combined to create that particular combination. If an item on your list is underlined, that means you can’t combine it with anything else to create a new item.

Little Alchemy Tip: Tend to the Broad Strokes First

One of the first combinations you should make is air with air (or earth and earth), to form pressure. Air plus fire creates energy, which is extremely useful and even lets you produce electricity (when you combine it with metal). Air plus pressure creates atmosphere, and there are various weather patterns you can create from there.

Water and earth mix to produce mud, which you can combine with fire to produce brick. If you instead combine mud with sand, it produces clay, which you can then combine with fire to produce pottery. The game is full of similar combinations that produce slightly different results and open up new options.

Little Alchemy Tip: Two of a Kind Is Easy to Miss

Remember to regularly check the result if you combine two of a single item. One example occurs if you combine brick and brick, which produces a wall. Combine wall and wall to produce a house. Combine house and house to make a village. Village and village make a city. Look for similar chains elsewhere.

Tip: Vegetation Gets You Going

Combine rain (air and water) and earth to produce the plant option, which expands your choices significantly. You can combine plants creatively to produce ponds, swamps, and gardens, for starters.

Little Alchemy Tip: Experiment Freely

There are more than 500 available combinations, and no penalty for exploring whatever notion might occur to you. Some interesting combinations result from the mixing of obvious components found in the world around you. Some results are fairly abstract, such as time itself. If all else fails, just try random combinations until you get something new and exciting. Before you know it, you’ll open all sorts of new pathways to success.

Little Alchemy Tip: Is This Just Fantasy?

Most of the in-game achievements relate to the total number of combinations you have found, but there is one exception. To unlock the “Is This Just Fantasy” achievement, combine a ring (which is made by mixing a diamond and metal) with a volcano (which is created when you mix lava with earth. Apparently, someone likes a bit of Middle-earth on the side.

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